Breast cancer lesson number five: If it’s all coming off, it’s time to start experimenting

Today was supposed to be a good hair day. Having booked a colour appointment for the first time in about seven years, I had planned to return to my blonder days (I confess to being one of those people who still writes ‘blonde’ to describe myself, when I am as mousy as they come) and discuss bridal hair styles.


Let’s just say today didn’t quite go according to that plan! For those who know me well, I know what I like and I like what I know. I’m the girl who orders chicken tikka masala, special fried rice and a garlic naan because I fear the disappointment of trying something new. That includes my bob, which has been a friend to me these last six years.

Imagine my hairdresser’s surprise (lovely Jon, who is the amazing manager of Sean Hanna in Canary Wharf and has been cutting my hair for years), when I sat down this afternoon. He said: ‘same as usual?’ I said: ‘Not this time’.

Ok, so I haven’t gone pixie (that’s for the post-surgery, pre-chemo days in about six weeks time, so watch this space). What I have done is try a Michelle Williams look (as recommended by my lovely colleague Rachel) with the wind on my neck and my ears on show. For me, it’s bold. For those with short hair already, it’s not exactly radical. I appreciate I look nothing like Michelle Williams, but you get the picture. I think Duncan is going through an adjustment phase, but we both agree, it’s a good step towards the no-hair days!

Today wasn’t a good hair day. It was a great hair day. It was a day that taught me if you’ve got confidence and a smile, you have nothing to fear. Whatever the chemo days are going to throw at me, I’m ready.

You may take my hair (preferably starting with my leg hair), but you won’t take my spirit!