I took the decision to smile in the face of breast cancer the moment I walked out of the hospital on diagnosis day.  I have stood by that decision, even when stage 2 invasive lobular cancer became stage 3, and I believe that a positive attitude is the best gift you can give to the experts working tirelessly to save you.

I’m not just writing this blog because it helps me stay positive (although it is amazing for that). I’m writing it so that others can find hope and happiness to help them face life’s challenges. Everything I learn about this illness I want to share, so that people can look beyond the needles and the drugs and see the benefit in searching for a smile each day.

So, whether you’re looking for tips (or to share them), support, virtual smiles, quotes, articles or a little bit of reassurance away from public posts, my inbox is always open! Feel free to drop me a line at

I am based in London. I have a strong pair of legs (helped by hip surgery in 2007) and a car (when I am allowed to drive it again), so am happy to travel if it means there will be a few more smiles in the world.

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